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Many Corpus Christi roofers like to cut corners. If they are installing metal roofing or Spanish tiles, or any other roofing type, they will take the path of least resistance and do things the easy way.

Well in roofing, sometimes the easy and fast way is not also the safe and secure way. You will always run into those roofing companies that cut corners and end up putting the project, and potentially their clients safety, on the line.

At Vertex Roofing, we strive to be a step above all of the other Corpus Christi Roofers. It’s important to us that our level of quality is not only above the competition, but also continues to rise over time.

Man safely using a nail gun to staple a roof

Here are a few things that make us stand out above the other Corpus Christi Roofers:

  1. We never cut corners on roofing projects

    • Even if we know if will make the job easier on our part, we will always do things right the first time. This is how we maintain a high level of quality among other roofers in the area. We strive to do things in the best way possible, to ensure the best results. Many metal roofing companies and roofing contractors in the area will not stay focused on the quality of their projects. Because of this, the work the produce will not last as long as the customer would like it to, which can results in thousands in unexpected expenses for the customer.
  2. Roofing Contractors – We are on time and under budget

    • One of the worst things that a roofing company customer can experience is not having an accurate estimate and getting charge more than what they were anticipating. Unexpected expenses can be devastating to families who are simply trying to improve their home, and not break the bank in the process. Vertex Roofing, unlike other Corpus Christi Roofers, will be very up front about what we’re charging for roofing services from the very beginning. From the moment we begin talking to you and your family, we will be able to tell you the accurate estimate, along with an accurate timeline of when your project stands to be completed.
  3. We treat your home and property as if it’s our own

    • Another poor quality of many roofing companies in Corpus Christi is that they will not treat your property as if it is their own. They do not clean up messes on the job site, they do not respect your property or keep things in order. This is something that vertex Roofing takes into account. We always clean up after our crews and make sure that we leave your property looking better than when we arrived! This kind of attention to detail is what sets us apart as a premier roofing company in Corpus Christi and all around the Coastal Bend.

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