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Our goal at Vertex Roofing is to provide quality roofing contracting work to those in the Coastal Bend, and quality and affordable Roofing in Rockport TX as well. This “quality” and “affordable” work comes in the form of commercial roofing for the business owners of Rockport. It also comes in the form of reliable residential roofing and roof repair for the residents of Rockport as well.

In late August of 2017, hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast in a way that we will never forget. It destroyed many homes altogether, and devastated the coast. The homes that did survive the storm all need new roofing or at least repairs on other parts of the home.

Vertex Roofing has been on the front line in this situation and has been able to help those in need with new roofing. We have given discounts to those effected by Hurricane Harvey, and have been quick to provide any other resources needed.

Our Mission – Roofing Contractors Serving Rockport

Our mission at Vertex Roofing has always been to render the absolute best commercial roofing and residential roof repair services anywhere in Rockport and the Coastal Bend. Rockport has been an amazing source of new work for our company, so we want to give back to the community constantly. The city of Rockport will always be one of our favorite areas to work in.

Rockport roofers can be in short supply throughout the year, and we want to fill that gap. Our experienced crew has been able to handle jobs anywhere from small residential jobs, all the way up to multi-million dollar commercial roofing projects.

Metal Roofing in Rockport TX
Metal Roofing in Rockport TX

Roofing in Rockport TX

Other roofing companies don’t have a presence in Rockport TX like Vertex Roofing does. Our ability to call ourselves “local” to the Rockport community is what makes us the perfect candidate for servicing homeowners in the Rockport area.

Most roofing contractors and commercial roofing companies in Rockport and the surrounding areas are not as experienced. As a matter of fact, it’s very dangerous for roofing firms that are less experienced to try to handle large commercial jobs that require the expertise of a more seasoned roofing contractor.

We always use the best safety practices and work with the owners or the property to ensure that the job we do is 100% satisfactory. You can find out profile here:

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