Milti-billion dollar relationships

It  all started with a call in the summer of 2017: my office manager told me there was a gentleman on the phone that I would probably want to have a conversation with. The gentleman was with a large general contracting company that specializes in Federal and Military contracting. They had two large buildings they were bidding on and they wanted to find some local talent. My team acquired the blueprints and put forward our best offer. I had a high level of confidence in the rapport I had built as well as the detailed quote I provided; there was no doubt in my mind that the “football field-sized” roof would surely have my name on it. And then in the latter part of August 2017, hurricane Harvey swept across our coast and forever changed the course and path my business would take. 

Fast forward a year later, and our office staff, field personnel, and sales team had quadrupled in size. I had caught wind that the company of the “ football field-sized roof” had lost my bid, and the contract was awarded to someone else. This did not discourage me in the slightest. Today Vertex Roofing has bid on over 20 million dollars in federal government projects and have established key relationships with multi-billion-dollar Military Contracting companies that tell us, “Anywhere on the globe we procure work, you always have an invitation.” It's with the great discipline and great effort that Vertex Roofing is the roofing contractor of choice for the largest corporations on the planet.

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